I am a very proud 1970 graduate of Central Dauphin East High
School.  My elementary and secondary education started in the fall of 1957
when I attended the Overbrook School For The Blind in Philadelphia.  I spent
five years from Reading Readiness where I learned to read and write Braille
to completion of the Fourth Grade in June of 1962.  I then was enrolled in a
pilot program in the East Pennsboro School District where I was given a
chance to learn with sighted pupils.  The program was so successful for us
visually impaired students that at the end of my Seventh Grade experience, I
was registered at Swatara Junior High; graduating in 1967 and from there,
attended East High and Lebanon Valley College graduating in 1974.  

       Unable to obtain a teaching position in French, I sought
employment with the State landing a job in September of 1976 with the Public
Utility Commission where I worked for 35 years retiring in 2011.  As I
stated, I am a very proud graduate of East High and pleased to be able to
contribute to the Youth Sports program.  

       I very much appreciate being a part of this group as well as
the Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center and could not be more proud
to know the people associated with both organizations.  Thanks for the
opportunity to be involved in something so worthwhile.  

-Robert D. Sabol

"One athlete of character will improve a team.  One team of character will improve a school.  One school of character can impact an entire community."

-Bruce E. Brown

Bob has always supported and helped our organization, make sure to look for him at the games and thank him for his contribution!!!  Thank You Bob!!!


Meet Our Mascot Bob The Panther!!!!

Our mascot is named after one of our biggest supporters, Robert D. Sabol, a Central Dauphin East High graduate!!